Our Story

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Sarah Weiler – Founder and Lead FaSILLYtator

Power of Uke was born in 2012 after Sarah saw the transformational impact this little instrument had on her team in a Viennese educational startup. A rare 5 minutes of singing together, when the team was at its most stressed, kick-started a culture of creativity, until music became uke-biquitious in the organisation. On her return to the UK she realised that so many workplaces could do with an injection of joy – and Power of Uke was born!

But now, four years and 100 workshops later, Sarah realised there is a deeper need for this work. In an increasingly more stressful world where we are experiencing worrying levels of disconnection and burn-out, it is imperative that we create spaces where people can remove the mask and be themselves, revel in playfulness, access their long-forgotten creativity and switch off for a few hours.

We all have a part of us that wants to play – for some of us it’s buried deep – but it’s there, and if we can give it room to breathe, the impact on our well-being, self-confidence and fulfillment at work and in life is mind-blowing.

Who is Sarah?

  • Sarah has 10 years experience working all over the world as a teacher, coach and facilitator
  • She designed and ran the pilot of the JP Morgan/Hatch Female Founders Accelerator
  • She taught Modern Foreign Languages for 3 years an inner-city Secondary School in London as part of Teach First Leadership Development Programme
  • She spent 2.5 years assessing candidates on their leadership competencies for Teach First Graduate Recruitment
  • Sarah is also a stand-up comedian, TEDx Speaker, performer and DJ, so is very used to dealing with crowds, thinking on her feet and bringing energy into a room.