Why the ukulele?

They are portable, colourful, easy to learn and can’t be taken too seriously.

Where do the workshops take place?

We come to your office or wherever your team day is happening. In the past we’ve had workshops in parks, pubs, bell tents and cocktail bars. Choosing a new environment often helps with the creative process and allows you to really switch off from work.

How much are the workshops?

There are a range of packages available. The Full Power starts at £1500 and includes an initial consultation, tailoring to the needs of your team, a half-day workshop and a follow up coaching session with the team 4-8 weeks later. There are discounts available for early-stage start ups and charities – just ask!

How many people can take part?

For the ukulele workshops – the ideal group size is between 15-25 but we can cater for groups of up to 60 on request.

For songwriting workshops eg. at conferences – no limit!

Where do you work in the UK?

Power of Uke mostly work in London but can travel upon request.

What do we need?

We bring all the ukuleles and resources. The only thing you need to provide is the space and an open mind!

Can we book you for other events?

Yes! In the past we have run Christmas songwriting parties, staff socials, school workshops, teacher training, festival workshops, conferences and even hen-dos. Drop us a line if you’ve got an idea of how Power of Uke can help you.

What if we’ve got no musical talent?

The great thing about the ukulele is it’s accessible. Sarah has taught the ukulele all over the world and people always manage a tune! But finding the music dif-ficult is also kind of the point – you’ll learn a lot about yourself and your team-mates through doing something a little uncomfortable. And maybe it’s time to challenge the teacher in your head that’s telling you that ‘you’re not musical’ – you know the one we mean…

I love it! How do I book a workshop?

Drop us a line at sarah@powerofuke.com to arrange a free consultation coffee so we can find out where your team want to go and how we can help you get there.